Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 Month Update 04/19/2011

So last Friday was my 5 month anniversary of my surgery and I was down 73.7  pounds. I often feel like I am losing too slow and that I have had an abnormal amount of stalls. I decided to break down my loss by months so I can see how I am doing this is what I found. I am 5'3" and weighed 264 before surgery. I had my VSG on 11/15/2011.

November I lost 22.6 pounds
December 14.3 pounds
January 6.1 pounds
February 13.7 pounds
March 11 pounds
April down 6.6 so far

I am averaging 3.35 pounds a week.

Looking at this I guess I should quit worrying about stalls. Feeling really good. I work out about 5 days a week, try to take my vitamins every day, and just enjoy being alive.