Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here I Go Agan - July 16,2015

So I keep promising myself to get back to where I belong and get serious about my health again. I do it for about a week and then once again let life get in my way. As I have said before this blog is one of the things that made me as successful as I was in the past so I am again going to try and use it to motivate me (and maybe some others if I succeed).

Today my 11 year old daughter went to stay with my 21 year old daughter and my little granddaughter for 5 weeks. They are 700 miles away. My significant other is now working nights. I will be alone every night after work. I am going to use this time to find myself again. I have been walking/jogging about two mornings a week but I am really going to step it up for the next month.

Tomorrow I will weigh and measure and have several different exercise ideas for the next month that I will be trying. My diet is pretty good except maybe too much beer on the weekends but my focus will now be protein, water, and movement.

Here goes everything. Wish me luck.