Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feeling Good 02/27/2016

Change is good. So much going on. 3 months ago Jay and I eloped and got married after 12 years of swearing we never would. We then proceeded to buy two new (to us) vehicles which we also swore we wouldn't do again. Things have been good which means I wanted to feel good. Decided it was time to look back and remember where I have been.

Highest recorded weight 264  (I know it was higher but never weighed myself)

11/06/2010 260.5 Decided to have surgery

11/15/2010 257.9 Surgery day in Mexico.

11/15/2010 156.8 One year post surgery and lowest recorded weight. I know my weight got lower  but we moved and a lot was happening and I quit tracking for awhile. After moving I got very sidetracked and weight wasn't my priority.

07/25/13 Still maintaining at 157.6.

Started working at my current job which requires a lot of sitting. Weight started climbing.

05/2015 I hit 182. Oh Hell No!!!! Not going back there again. Starting focusing and struggling and still did some bouncing up and down.

02/27/2016 161.8 Lowest weight in a longgggg time.

Feel good, not starving myself. Protein first, low carb, and moving every day.

It is never too late and you are never to old to be your best self.