Friday, October 22, 2010

Big Announcement

So after much soul searching and thought I have decided to go under the knife, literally, and have weight loss surgery. I have started this blog so I can provide updates and pictures to my friends and family who are interested in following my process.

I will be traveling along with my sister on 11/14/2010 to Mexicali, Mexico to have the surgery done. Yes it is a safe hospital with a great doctor and I personally know three people who have gone there and had great success.

I feel like I have always been in control of most aspects of my life and I am proud of my accomplishments. The only thing I feel is holding me back is my weight, which continues to climb since the death of my mother in May, 2009 and my quiting smoking in September, 2009.

Now that I have completed my bachelor's degree and am working on my Master's and looking for work as a Crime Scene Investigator I think it is time to take this leap. I feel it will help me in my business and personal relationships and make me more available for my kids and grand kids.

So if you are interested in my story feel free to follow. I will be posting photos with weights starting soon and then keep posting all the way to size 8 :)


  1. Tia you are so beautiful already, but I know you have put alot of careful thought into this. So we all support you and are here for you in anyway that you need. All our love, it will be exciting to watch your progress! So glad Tiff is going with you..

  2. good luck! Your family loves you and we will support you in every decision you make!! I am cheering for you from afar!!!! Love you! Jen and Jaz

  3. shelbey j

    i think u look beatiful the way u look.i think this will make a big change in your life , i will still love you always and forever ,no mader how u look or decisions you make, because u have always been there for my mom and our family so now its our turn to be their for u . good luck and we love you

  4. What a great decision. So many people don't realize that weight isn't just a matter of looks, it's about getting and keeping yourself healthy. I know losing weight is hard and this will be a tough road to follow but I know you will succeed. Are you having a bypass or a band. I think the band if a great choice because it is completely reversible and an easier lifestyle. But the bypass is also a good choice. You are going to be so amazed at all the changes you'll see in a few months. I'm soooooo excited for you (and you sis, not quite sure if she's just going with you or having surgery too). Let me know if you have any surgery questions I can answer or need anything. Love Ya!!!

  5. Tia,
    What a decision!! Good for you for taking charge:) I am sure A LOT of thought went into this...and I can only commend you for choosing to be healthier for your kids and grandkids! I wish you well with the trip, surgery, and the road afterwards!!