Friday, January 7, 2011

01/07/2011 Scale is finally moving again!

While after what seemed like the longest stall every the scale is moving again. Over the last few weeks I have either not lost anything or actually gained a few ounces at a time. I have kept trying to eat right and work out and just wait it out. My clothes really feel different now and I don't think I will be able to keep wearing my favorite jeans much longer. Even my workout clothes are getting too big.

I leave on 01/16 for three weeks in Boise for training and am really going to try and focus on eating and exercising while I am there. It is at the police academy so there is a full gym and pool. I will be coming home on the weekends and only doing weigh ins then so hopefully I get some good results.

Today's weight 226
BMI 40.04 (so close to my first goal of being under 40 bmi).

Here are some pictures I took at the gym on 12/31. They are not the best quality but it is hard to find someone else to take pics of me all the time :)

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