Sunday, March 13, 2011

Half Way There 03/13/2011

As of today I am finally over half way to my goal. I have actually lost more weight than I have left to lose. What a great feeling. I am also only 1.5 pounds from Onederland.
 In a week and a half I have to go to a fancy dinner with my boyfriend for his work so yesterday I went shopping. I was actually able to walk into JcPenney and buy a size L dress of the rack and have it fit. It is so cute to. I got some really sexy heels which are a ½ size smaller than what I was wearing before and I no longer need wides. I can’t believe how much everything has changed in less than 4 months. I will post pics in the dress after the banquet.
I have been working out three to five days a week including a modern dance class and a Zumba class. Monday my sister and I are starting a 6 week belly dancing class. Having so much fun with the new body and energy.

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