Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1st, 2014

So recently I was reevaluating my life. Okay really I was just reevaluating my fat. I have slowly been gaining weight and losing control of my eating habits again. I made excuse after excuse but in reality it does not matter why all that matters is getting back on track.

I realized that one of the things I was no longer doing was blogging and sharing the day to day struggles with others. Most of the people in my life now either didn't know me when I was fat or don't remember me that way. I had also started to forget how miserable, in pain, and sick I was everyday. I do not want to ever go back there. So here I am back on my blog. Sharing my journey.

Starting tomorrow I am joining a biggest loser competition at work. I am starting a 30 day fitness challenge with my other half. I am recommitting to eating right and exercise. I am blogging my successes and failures.

Goal is to be back in my favorite jeans by my 40th birthday on April 23rd. I will be taking progress photos and posting my weight and measurements at least once a week.

I once again hope to be an inspiration to others and to myself. No more self sabotaging. No more excuses. No more hiding from myself. 40 is gonna be the best year yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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